TOWS Analysis


  • Kindergardens resist KnockKnock to make advertisement in the school, because they are afraid of parents may think that they are profiting from KnockKnock.
  • Since the service provided is a luxury entertainment, the first thing a customer will give up in case of an economic crisis will be KnockKnock.
  • All of the business depends on the office located in Çayyolu. If a problem arises with the householder, KnockKnock will need to stop the whole work.
  • Rent of the current building is very high, so there is risk of not meeting the expenses with current revenues.
  • Competitors copy or steal KnockKnock’s brochure styles and cards. So, there are dangerous competitors in the market.



  • Office is located in a luxury area that mostly upper income level people living in.
  • Not only children, but also parents choose KnockKnock for their organizations. So, there are many potential customers.
  • People’s willingness to give their children a high quality entertainment, and to show themselves to their friends.
  • They have direct marketing tools like catalogs, mailers and specially designed products for the organization.



  • There is lack of proper advertisement to promote the company and its work. So, company is not well known by people living in the area.
  • High prices of the service is also a weakness for the company, since people’s willingness decreases when price is very high.
  • Since number of employee is not too much, sometimes managers of the company need to do cleaning operations or washing up, and it detracts the image of the company.



  • They offer high quality service with everything included.
  • Every component of the organization is specially signed for the person and the special day. If it is a birthday, bottles, plates, spoons, walls, candies etc. are decorated specially for the birthday kid.
  • Safe and protected area for children to enjoy. Therefore, parents trust the company.
  • Last technology products are used, everything is new in the building.
  • There are many kinds of entertainment types like cinema, ball pool, photo studio, slide etc.

by Eren Kırımlı



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