Target marketing strategy of Knock Knock is Differentiated Marketing. In other words Knock Knock designs many separate offers for different market segments. Knock Knock works hard to consider every detail that will add value to the objective of “making a child’s dream birthday come true”.

If the 1779281_772584206120634_2687827986390762302_ndesires and expectations of the parent or the child cannot be satisfied within the existing party packages, Knock Knock offers to them the priveledge of designing their own party. The main goal of Knock Knock is to be able to access people from many different segments. Their rationale behind this is that not only families with 1912528_772583506120704_1122600511469105996_nhigh income level or  high social class are interested in throwing big birthday parties for their children, but parents with lower income also have tendency to spend money on the birthday of their beloved child once a year, even if this means cutting of their other personal expenses.

Therefore, they indirectly focus on parents ( direct focus is children) with 1 or more children at ages 0-10 and annual income level of TL 40 000 or more. The reason for putting a threshold is that to be able for the cover the price of the party which is at least 1000 TL, monthly income level should not be less than about 3 500 TL.



by Yasemen Özsan



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