Market Segmentation

  • Demographic Segmentation


Gender: Male;Female10494869_772584302787291_9135316003145562887_n

Family Size: 3; 4; 5 or more

Family Life Cycle: Married parents, single parents

Annual Family Income:TL 40 000- TL 50 000; TL 50 000- TL 90 000; TL 90 000 and over


  • Geographic Segmentation

Country: Turkey


  • Psychographic Segmentation

Social Class:Middle Class; Upper Middles; Lower Uppers; Upper Uppers

Parent Personality: Family-oriented; Luxury- seeking1908455_772584412787280_6968601156488935965_n


  • Behavioral Segmentation

Occasions: Birthdays; Baby Showers; Holidays

Benefits: Quality; Service; Security; Professionalism

User Status: Nonuser; Ex-user; Potential User; First-time User; Regular User

Readiness Stage: Unaware; aware; informed;  interested;  intending to buy

by Yasemen Özsan



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