Competitive Advantage

10481889_772584856120569_3326416798965946399_nCompetitive advantages of knock Knock are defined with the specific attributes of the company reflected upon the customer. The customer is valued at Knock Knock by introducing them a choice of their own of how they want to create their own children’s party, in other words, customer have many choices over their party such as choosing the theme, animation, food with great variety, designing table mats specific to each party theme, working with the educated and trained service personnel, using ​unlimited service and so on. All in all simply Knock Knock care about their customers and think of their every need. If need be an example, customers are given enough level of confidence about their children’s safety, entertainment of parents while waiting their kids, providing the best food and the broad spectrum of foods. All of these provide Knock Knock a superior customer value and company gains competitive advantage.10689421_772584879453900_5956518299959449903_n

by Can Ege Eroğlu


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