Action Programs (Marketing Tactics)


Making better use of the main hall for the entertainment of parents:

  • Applying for the alcohol licence, thus increasing number the events for adults.

Better be done immediatelyindir

Knock Knock company owners will apply for it.

It will cost around 3.000-5.000 TL

Introducing new organization types:

  • Henna night and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, by reallocating existing resources.

Company owners will initiate it.

Cost will be adjusted regarding customer specifications.

  • Workshops will be held for kids and their

Cost will be adjusted according to workshop requirements such as mentors.


  • Knock Knock will lease a minibus that will transport organization attendees.

In order to make this cost efficient, a common point which is close to most attendees will be  specified.


  • Introducing PR activities, social responsibility projects.

Coopearating with non profit organizations such as LÖSEV, TEGV, Society for Protection of  Children to organize promotional events (free of charge) for unfortunate children.

In order to make this cost efficient, well known people will from Ankara will be offered  invitations to these organzations. These invitations will be priced in a manner that would cover costs of organization, if excess amount is available, this amount will be donated.

  • Inducing word of mouth among children.indir (1)

Promotional accessories will be distributed to children during organizations. Thus, children will  hear about Knock Knock from their friends.

Cost will be adjusted according to type of accessories.

  • Sales promotion activities.

Each party owner will be given a card that records the number of organizations that they  organized. When 4 organizations are held, 5th organization’s price will be cut down by 25%.

  • Partnership with sector related companies

Knock Knock will undertake preparations of carton boxes in which cupcakes are sold. Knock  Knock logo will be printed on one side of these boxes. ( for Very Cupcake and such food  retailers)

Knock Knock will undertake preparations of carry bags of toy shops such as Loco Poco and  Knock Knock logo will be printed on one side of carry bags.

Since Knock Knock will undertake costs of packages, partner companies will benefit and also  Knock Knock’s name will be heard.

  • Induce customer loyalty by means of after sales activities.indir (2)

When an anniversary or birthday is celebrated in Knock Knock, the date will be recorded and   Knock Knock will remind itself when that of of the year comes in following years. ( By means of  phone calls or text messages. )

  • Increasing awareness of people who live nearby about the company.

Events such as ” Welcome Summer Party” will be organized to attract attention of people living    nearby.

by Müge Taşelmas & Yasemen Özsan


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