IMC Strategies


Inform: The KnockKnock family’s best friend while informing the potential customers is their Instagram account. It is highly efficiently used and updated frequently to inform the followers about the latest news about the firm.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 17.31.10

They desire to be able to inform customers via boards placed in shopping malls to attract customers rather than written advertisements. Hence, visuals are important to them.

Persuade: To reach for all types of customers and extend their target market they offer different packages and bundles for different targets. For instance, the treats, types of cakes, meals, animation and entertaining factors like magicians and clowns differ according to customer.

Remind: They use notification functions of the social media. By this function, the customers are always reminded about the upcoming events.

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Written Materials: Written advertisements are not preffered when visual materials are considered.

AV Materials: They desire to be able to inform customers via boards placed in shopping malls to attract customers. Hence, visuals are more important to them.

Web Sites for the functions of Press Relation: Web site of KnockKnock and their social media accounts are basis for the attraction of the customers and via visuals about the environment of the firm, they are trying to impose their responsible and neat business.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 17.42.52


Sales Promotion:

Customer Level: They do not offer any sales promotion on the customer level and the reason for that is stated by the company as they are a fairly new company that is currently in the development phase.


Direct Marketing:

Personal selling and direct marketing is combined in KnockKnock to promote the company. Basically the two managers of the company uses their personal entourage to market their company by using face-to-face marketing to promote. Digital techonlogies is as mentioned above plays a crucial role for the company’s promotion.


Marketing Communication

Communication Objectives:

Awareness: Social media and specifically Instagram is used for promotional activities

Knowledge: To feel favorable over other competitor party organization companies

Preference: Preferring KnockKnock for the organizations for the kids

Conviction: It is reachable by many customers since they offer different bundles for different customers.


Message Design

Structure: Their slogan is presented in the homepage of their web site to attract the attention at first sight. It is ordinary but the visual effects make it persuasive and remindful.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 17.44.12

Source: Image is used to convey the message about what  they offer, celebrities or characters are utilized.

Personal Channels: Personal channels form the basis as they use positive word of mouth.


by Metin Deniz Kavas


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