Knock Knock Company Organizations


Core Product:

Organizatons to celebrate special events & play and homework hours for kids.



Actual Product:

Organizations that are held in a specially designed play area for kids. All features of organizations; party garnishments, design and application of customized concepts, cakes and other types of food (customized by customer) that are served by specially selected waiters and a professional entertainment team (clowns etc.) are also included in the scope of organizations. Knock Knock also provides a feature “Let us Come to You”, by which celebrations can be made where customer wishes. Moreover, food service is available in café for the parents and their guests while their kids are in the play area and organizations for adults can also be held in this café. Play and homework hours for kids are also carried out by assistance of a professional team.



Augmented Product:

Knock Knock has a well designed web site where you can see all types of organizations that are available and all features of these organizations. When you decide on what you want or have any questions, you can fill their information forms and they answer you in less than a day.




Type of Product:

Knock Knock Organizations are Speciality Products; that is, brand identification and impression is important while choosing Knock Knock among other options and features and quality of Knock Knock Organizations are unique.


Product Life Cycle:

Knock Knock is established one year ago. The company is in “Growth Stage” of its life cycle. That is market acceptance of Knock Knock is being established and profits of the company is increasing by time.


Product Line:

Knock Knock’s product mix consists of two product lines: Parties & Play Club. (A Third Line, “Activity Club” will soon be introduced.) Products under the line of “Parties” can be considered as the Cash Cows of the company. That is, most of the cash is generated by parties. Products under line “Play Club” (play & homework hours) are the Question Marks of the company.



“Knock Knock” simply implies its name, the sound when you knock on a door. However, the intention under this name is somehow deeper. As the owners of the company states, the game “Knock Knock, who is that?” excites us, adults, whenever we play it or hear it in a movie. The game excites adults but when we ask ourselves who plays games, the answer is basically “kids”. Therefore brand name targets both kids and their parents.


Brand Personality of Knock Knock is combination of sincerity and excitement, with its wholesome and cheerful image, spirited and imaginative designs and organizations.

Relative advantage of Knock Knock over its competitors is its high quality.


by Müge Taşelmas


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