Type of Marketing Channel

KnockKnock company works on its own to distribute its services and it is a seperate business from all other channels. It is seeking to maximize its own profits.  Hence, direct and conventional marketing channel strategy is used.

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Retailing can also be considered for KnockKnock. The reason for that is retailing includes all the activities involved in selling the service directly to final customer for their personal use. And, in our case KnockKnock offers services like party organizations for kids and amusement for the parents simultaneously on first hand.  


Channel Design

While offerring their services KnockKnock wants to minimize the channel cost for each segment, which are the parents and kids in our case, of meeting customer-service requirements. They basically offer best quality service since they are standing as more for more so they need to fulfill the high standards of both the kids and the parents.

They  include channel decisions like competing in an area where there does not exist many competitor party organizations so that they control the price. Though, there exist some competitors since it is inevitable.

Also economic factors affects their channel objectives and design. Since they are offerring more for more and currently the economy is not in a superb condition there occurs some struggle to attract customers, so they are trying distribute their services in the most economical way using direct marketing.


Distribution Strategy

They distribute their services not by any intermediaries but by their own in each organization. So they fall in the range of exclusive distribution as they purposely limit the number of intermediares as they want to deliver the service themselves.


Brief information about where the service is delivered:

The building hosts all of the organizations that take place.


However, there has been an incline towards the want of delivering the service not only in the building but also deliver the service where the customers want. To be more specific, they want to deliver the service where the customer desires it to occur rather than forcing the customer to come to the building. This will reposition the company.


by Metin Deniz Kavas


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