Marketing Audit

  • How did you decide on the brand name, which aspects (target segment, brand name’s being easily remembered…) did you consider?
  • What makes you different than other party houses, is it the features or quality of your service?
  • Is there a specified target segment (especially in aspects of income level and age)? When age is considered specifically, is it parents or children that makes up your target segment?
  • What are the tools that you use to reach customers, do you use social media actively?
  • Currently, Knock Knock organizes events for kids, at least this is the image of the company. Do you ever organize events for adults? If currently not, would you consider the idea in the future?
  • Knock Knock currently organizes events for kids and play hours for kids of age 0-3 are also being held. Play hours aim to adapt children to social life among peers. Knock Knock is quite a new company so do you consider growing in field of organizations or play hours?
  • What are possible environmental threats for your company?
  • Do you have any regulations or rules while making agreements with customers, such as parents’ having responsibility of kids during organizations?
  • Is there a flexibility among types of organizations that are being held? Are you open to ideas of customers except for your existing options?
  • Who are the major competitors?
  • What is your pricing policy?
  • When you evaluate yourself as a company, what would you consider as your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are possible opportunities that might arise from environmental factors, what would you need to take these opportunities?
  • Do you have partnerships with sector related organizations, such as patisseries or kindergardens, within the process of marketing?


by Müge Taşelmas





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